Here are the Top 5 Benefits of Microgreens

5 Benefits of Microgreens

We talk about how good microgreens are for us, but we want to get more specific as to WHY we think microgreens should be a part of every diet! Read on to see our top 5 benefits of microgreens!

1. Easy to Eat with Every Meal!­čî▒

This may seem like an obvious benefit, but we frequently get asked about how to eat microgreens! Our answer? Eat them with EVERYTHING! Well, most things. Most of our blog posts feature recipe ideas with a variety of different microgreens! Finish reading this post and grab 4 of our fan favorites at the end. 

2. Rich in polyphenols­čî▒

Along with vitamins and minerals, polyphenols can help protect our bodies from the root causes of many chronic diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Type 2 Diabetes, and heart disease. This article talks┬áabout why polyphenols are good for us and which microgreens have the highest amounts of polyphenols.

3. Great for Gut Health­čî▒

Microgreens contain a high concentration of prebiotic fiber, which helps stimulate the growth of beneficial microbes in the digestive tract. Gut health is linked to improved energy levels, increased immunity, healthy weight management, and more!

4. Highly Concentrated Nutrients­čî▒

Microgreens are highly concentrated with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Each variety of microgreens has a different combination of vitamins and minerals, but all microgreens are known to be very nutrient-dense. Read this study to learn more about the nutritional value of microgreens.

5. Can be Grown in Minimal Space­čî▒

One of the beauties of microgreens is that they can be grown with very little space. We’re talking as small as a sunny windowsill or a small shelf with a grow light. We grow our microgreens on vertical racks indoors, and are able to grow roughly 20lbs of microgreens in a 60 sq ft space!

Enjoy these Fan Favorite Recipes!!

easy taco Tuesday recipe. microgreens recipe
Easy Taco Tuesday with Spicy Micro Radish
microgreens recipe for green smoothie
Healthy Green Smoothie with Pea Shoots
ultimate beet burger. vegan, vegetarian recipe with microgreens.
The Ultimate Beet Burger with Microgreens
easy frittata with micro broccoli
Easy Frittata with Micro Broccoli

We hope you enjoyed learning about the benefits of microgreens and how easy they are to implement in your daily diet and routine. Even the kids will love them. Don’t forget to check back for more recipes, sign up for our newsletter, and follow us on social media to stay in touch with the microgreens community and Homegrown Health Farms updates.┬á

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