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A Family Business

Homegrown Health Farms is family owned and operated by wives Rachel Trumbore and Sarah Campbell. The farm is located in Oswego, Illinois. We believe in the importance of localizing the food supply chain, and offering the community a local source of produce grown with organic methods. We decided to start growing microgreens because of the ability to grow them indoors using vertical farming methods. This allows us to grow fresh produce year-round, which means we are able to offer a continuous source of local greens, even in the dead of winter! We hope you enjoy your journey into a healthier, more connected diet with Homegrown Health Farms microgreens.

Homegrown health farms local produce in Oswego Illinois

Meet the Farmers

We decided to move to our family farm three years ago to pursue a lifestyle that prioritized a connection to the land and animals. Prior to that, we were living in San Diego, California, where we were spoiled with weekly Farmers Markets that served fresh and locally grown produce including microgreens. That is how we first learned of microgreens. We bought them regularly and became accustomed to adding them to our daily meals. When we moved to Illinois, we realized just how spoiled we were in San Diego with year-round weekly access to these delicious plants. We missed having them in our diets, and we thought, why don't we just grow our own? That is how Homegrown Health Farms was born, and we look forward to serving our community with these delicious and nutritious crops!


We aim to feed and empower our neighbors in a way that helps cultivate a healthier, more vibrant, and more connected community.


Homegrown Health Farms is serving our community delicious and affordable microgreen products because we believe that everyone should have access to local, healthy food.

We are passionate about promoting a vibrant lifestyle supported by a nutritious diet, and we are proud to offer high-quality, nutrient-dense crops that can greatly enhance everyday meals. 

our growing practices

We grow our microgreens entirely indoors on vertical racks with grow lights. This allows us to control the growing environment so that we can consistently offer the highest quality product. All products are grown with organic methods. We grow to order, meaning that once a customer places an order, we add that to our grow cycle, and the order is fulfilled on our next harvest date.

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