Microgreens: Indulge in the mouthwatering and nutrient-packed microgreens, lovingly organically grown at Homegrown Health Farms. These miniature wonders not only captivate with their beauty but also surprise with their exceptional nutritional value, surpassing their mature counterparts. Discover the delicious secret of microgreens and nourish your body in a delightful way.

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  • Micro broccoli. Organic microgreens. Oswego, IL
    Micro Broccoli Single Order
  • Pea shoots microgreens from Homegrown Health Farms, Oswego, IL
    Pea Shoots Single Order
  • sampler packNew
    Sampler Pack Single Order
  • Micro Daikon Radish microgreens from Homegrown Health Farms. Oswego, IL.
    Micro Radish Single Order
  • Rainbow Mix microgreens. Organically grown at Homegrown Health Farms, Oswego, IL
    Microgreens Membership
    From: $20.00 every 2 weeks